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YT-1030 single - head dust catcher

YT-1030 single - head dust catcher

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YT-1030YT-1030 box type single - head sand - top machine

Single - headed Grinding Machine

This machine is suitable for roughing, grinding and roughing of outsole and heel. It is mainly used for polishing and drawing of upper part of shoes.

The machine is suitable for The fuzzing, edging and roughing of sole and heel.

1. The machine is mainly composed of sand wheel shaft assembly, motor, centrifugal dust blower, body, air filter net box and electrical appliances, etc.

2. The grinding wheel is driven by belt, which increases the strength of the spindle and has good mechanical performance.

3. The dust suction device of this machine is unique in design, with small suction hole, concentrated suction force and over 80% dust absorption effect.

4. The box air filter adopts ultra-fine and advanced nylon mesh, which is not easy to stick dust, easy to clean and has good air permeability.

5. Single-site design, covering a small area, suitable for placement near the assembly line.


Spindle Power: 0.75kw

Fan power: 0.75kw

Voltage: 380V

Speed: 3000 r/min

Net weight (N.W.) : 110kg

Gross weight (G.W.) : 140kg

Machine Dimensions: 600 * 680 * 1400(mm)

Packing Dimensions: 720 * 800 * 1600(mm)

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