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Foshan yutai machinery technology co., LTD., founded in 1999, headquartered in nanhai district, foshan city, is a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales and service. It mainly produces vacuum sulfur adding machine, vacuum freezing machine, infrared oven and new production line. Yutai science and technology industrial park is located in changan international industrial zone, guiping, guangxi, covering 67,800 square meters. The construction of the industrial park began in October 2010, and the first phase of the project was basically completed by December 2012. It is estimated that the annual output of more than 6,000 sets of production equipment can be reached after production, with an annual output value of about 200 million yuan, providing 260-500 jobs. After 13 years of development, yutai has become the leading manufacturer of equipment export in the whole shoe-making machinery industry in Asia. It is the first professional manufacturer in Asia with independent intellectual property rights of vacuum sweetening machine and vacuum freezing machine. Famous Thai machinery science and technology has two research and development centers, research and development of more than 30 technical personnel, the introduction of Germany advanced technology and high-end processing testing equipment, integration of the global technical resources, synchronous development of software and related hardware technology, has ..


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Yu Tai vision: to become the most influential shoe making equipment company in the world.

Yutai Mission: Focus on the customer's attention to efficient environmental protection shoes, high-quality shoes, provide competitive solutions and services for shoemaking equipment, continue to create maximum value for customers.

Yu Tai spirit: innovation, efficiency, unity and struggle, pursuit of excellence, and good governance.

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