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According to the motion change shoes soft hardness, the midsole material shocked the industry

Release time:2018-12-24 From:YU TAI SHOES MACHINE

PEAK sports held an annual technology conference in Beijing, released a new PEAK Innovation -- intelligent adaptive shoes technology PEAK "state" (PEAK-TAICHI). The new PEAK sports shoes with domestic top polymer intelligent scientists developed in the bottom technology can change its functional attributes according to the change of body movement, with adaptive wearing experience.
PEAK intelligent polymer materials scientist Professor Li Feng said at the conference site, the polymer material is a major breakthrough in the field of international high-end Chinese molecular materials research, it is a kind of gel material mechanics principle based on dynamic state transition, with unique mechanical properties.
In short, this shoe uses the latest PEAK intelligent polymer materials science and technology research and development, along with the human motion and the changing hardness, for consumers to adapt to a variety of sports scenes of life of comfort.

PEAK "state" (PEAK TAICHI), equipped with P4U polymer intelligent perception, response to environmental stress. The molecular interactions between the gel is small, relatively soft material; when subjected to impact or vibration, increase the force between the molecules of a gel, which is similar to the formation of intermolecular crosslinking state, the gel quickly becomes a high elastic solid in several milliseconds, while the elastic modulus increases, the hardness increases; the impact after the gel in several milliseconds to recover the soft state.

According to PEAK's "state science and technology innovation product director Cai Weijian, daily walking and running shoes, people choose the standards are not the same, while walking shoes provide hope soft and comfortable wearing experience; and when running shoes will be more emphasis on springback and energy feedback, which helped him run farther longer better, more healthy. Bencipike launched the "TAICHI 1.0", can use at any time in the scene switching function attribute. This also means that will break the barriers between professional sports shoes and leisure shoes, to be made one of the two characteristics of the product.

PEAK CEO Xu Zhihua said at the press conference: "sports market competition is the technological innovation ability of competition, from China released the first 3D printing innovative products to independent innovation and technology" released today by the state ", PEAK has been committed to become the leading brand of China sports science and technology innovation."
For the movement of science and technology, Xu Zhihua also portrays a future development direction: people do not consider the size, color, function, or even situations, instead of the equipment by the adaptive thinking will match the demand of human movement. The life of people, of all things, because will know more about themselves and bring completely suitable for each individual sports experience for people.

At present, PEAK in technology has made great breakthrough, the next plan is to connect more consumers, "PEAK sports CEO Xu Zhihua in an interview revealed that the old line of PEAK for many years to go, do not let them get closer to the real needs of consumers, and after the development of enterprises, PEAK hopes can speak good brand in the consumer's story. "
According to the conference site, the new technology will be available in a limited edition of 999 pair of shoes the price of 499 yuan.

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