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Yt-737a automatic hydraulic front helper (nine claws)

Yt-737a automatic hydraulic front helper (nine claws)

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YT-737A Automatic hydraulic front helper (nine claws)


1. Oil pressure operating system is used for machine operation.

2. It is equipped with a cross projection lamp device, which is convenient for toe correction and positioning, and easy for novices to operate.

3. Each group of left and right claws can be set with automatic pull-down stroke or manual operation lifting to balance the tension of vamp, so as to correct the best position of upper binding.

4. The claw can independently set the automatic pull-down stroke or manually operate the lifting to balance the tension of the upper, so as to correct the best position of the upper binding. 5. The middle claw can be adjusted 15 degrees to the left and right, which is suitable for the arrangement of special toe shoes.

6. The fifth claw has the function of inward rotation, and the rotation angle can be adjusted according to the needs, so that the vamp will stick to the last more when the upper is bound.

7. The internal support platform and the rising height are adjusted from the outside of the platform, and the height value is displayed on the touch screen at the same time.

8. The toe pressing machine adopts adjustable two-stage pressure, so that the shoe can achieve the best effect in the process of upper binding and the final pressing. The first-time pressing of the toe press can be determined by the material of the vamp. Two pressing methods of constant pressure and positioning can be selected to make the upper binding smoother.

9. The internal support platform can be set as two-stage action, which can be combined with the heel top seat action to prevent the last from sliding down.

10. The front and rear positions of the inner support can be adjusted by the hand wheel in front of the machine, up to 16mm. 11. The forward movement of the sweeping and cutting mechanism can adjust the speed without a section of speed change.

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