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DS-802 cold and hot back heel setting machine

DS-802 cold and hot back heel setting machine

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DS-802 four-station cold and hot back heel setting machine

Four Engineering Location Hot & Cold Back Part Molding Machine

This machine is suitable for cold and hot forming of the heel of various shoes.

Applicable to different kinds of shoe counters for hot and cold shaping.

1. Cross projection lamp can be positioned correctly.

2. Equipped with a sweep knife mechanism, fold the outer edge of the shoe upper inside when finalizing, which is more conducive to the formation of the upper.

3. For thermal setting, the film and aluminum mold can be heated, the temperature can be adjusted, the softening speed is fast, and the rubber film system is made of silica gel material, which has a long service life.

4. The pulling distance of the claws can be adjusted, and the upper, main root and inner skin are flat, making the upper better match the aluminum mold.

5. LengMo temperature can drop to - 18 ℃. The inner and outer molds can be customized according to the tree size to ensure the matching of the inner and outer molds.


Power: 2kw

Power Supply Voltage: 220V

Power supply Phase: 2-phase

Frequency: 50 hz

Air displacement: 300dm3/min

Pressure: 0.5-0.7 mpa

Machine Net Weight: 506kg

Package Weight: 640kg

External Dimensions: 1440 * 740 * 1980(mm)

Package Dimensions: 1550 * 870 * 2180(mm)
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