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YT-102A-12 computer - pass vacuum sweeper

YT-102A-12 computer - pass vacuum sweeper

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The computerized channel-type vacuum sweetening machine is a kind of vacuum wrinkle-removing and shaping equipment of laminated shoe box type, which is used for the wrinkle-removing and shaping of the upper side after the shoe stretch. It is made by German technology and has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

Main features of the computer - pass vacuum sweeper

1. Computer numerical control operation system, equipped with alarm device, easy to operate and safe.

2. Germany's advanced energy saving system, with stable performance, is more than 60% more energy saving than the traditional sulfur adding machine and thermosetting machine.

3. The vacuum time is 1-3 minutes, and the temperature can be adjusted according to different materials. It is suitable for various materials of different shoe types, such as single shoes, boots and sandals.

4. Double cycle wrinkle removal system, the effect of wrinkle removal is more obvious.

5. The three-dimensional layered shoe rack is transported smoothly on the same straight line, and the shoes are not prone to slant and wear.

6. Large space for boots, convenient and fast for shoes; Compared with traditional ovens, the production of riding boots can be increased by half.

7. The German microwave nanometer dual cycle and sulfur finalizing system was adopted to operate multiple shoe frames repeatedly, with fast turnover time and energy-saving saving last.

8. The design speed is fast, and a case of shoes can be finished in 1-3 minutes with high efficiency.

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