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YT-133A vacuum sweeper

YT-133A vacuum sweeper

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YT-133A vacuum sweetening machine product introduction and technical parameters

This machine is a CNC computer horizontal bar vacuum shaping equipment, used in the process of shoe making to remove wrinkles and shape shoes, can adjust the shoe space according to the movable horizontal bar, with the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection.

1. Closed sulfur system, no leakage of heat energy, high efficiency and energy saving.

2. Omni-directional steam spray device, with strong steam and sufficient steam, can quickly soften the leather material and leave no water stain on the upper of the shoes. After heating and vacuuming, the shoes have a good effect on shaping, and the shoes stick to the last.

3. Adopt double cycle wrinkle removal system, which has good effect on wrinkle removal and comprehensively improve the quality of shoes.

4. Germany's advanced energy saving system is adopted, with stable performance, low noise and low energy consumption, with 4-6 degrees of electricity per hour, which is more than 65% energy saving compared with traditional thermosetting machines.

5. One case of shoes can be produced in 12 minutes, which is suitable for board room and small production line.

Model: YT-133A vacuum sweeper

Voltage: 380V

Power: 4KW

Power Consumption (100 ℃), the Power Consumption: 3.5 KW. H

Power Consumption (120 ℃), the Power Consumption: 4 kw. H

Output (Pairs/8hrs) : 416 (single shoe) 96 (riding boots)

Net weight (N.W.) : 600KG

Packing weight (G.W.) : 660KG

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