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YT-218A computer - pass vacuum freezing machine

YT-218A computer - pass vacuum freezing machine

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This machine is suitable for freezing and shaping of shoes and large bottom after pressing. The hot shoes can be quickly lowered to normal temperature, so that the shoes will not deform easily after the last is pulled out, so as to improve the adhesion between the sole and the vamp and make it more firm.

1. Adopt layered stainless steel shoe rack. Compared with the traditional belt type, the production efficiency and labor intensity are greatly improved, and the service life is longer.

2. With independent automatic defrosting system, shoes are not easy to mould.

3. Because of the short freezing time and good finalizing effect, easy delivery and lasting turnover can be accelerated, reducing production costs and improving production efficiency.

4. Save time and effort, save energy and efficiency, save last and reduce manufacturing cost.


1. Adopt German technical computer control system with low failure rate.

2. Rapid freezing and finalizing system.

3. Automatic and independent defrosting system.

4. Vacuum forming system.

5. The automatic lift and lift stratified shoe box has a smooth conveying system on the same straight line.

6. Automatic doors can be divided into two kinds of selection systems: single shoes and riding boots.

7. The output of layered shoe box can be increased by half and the output can be increased.

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