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YT-216 rapid freezing machine

YT-216 rapid freezing machine

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YT-216 rapid freezing machine

This machine is suitable for freezing and shaping of shoes and large bottom after pressing. The hot shoes can be quickly lowered to normal temperature, so that the shoes can not deform after the last is pulled out.

1. Double track automatic doors are used for durability;

2. The high-quality conveyor belt made of special materials has a longer service life;

3. Shoes with independent automatic defrosting device are not easy to mould.

4. With the introduction of advanced German technology and the use of imported compressors and related components, the superimposed refrigeration system has the advantages of fast refrigeration speed, which can reduce to minus 20 degrees in a few minutes, and the temperature is even;

5. Simple operation and convenient maintenance. The running smooth noise of the speed machine is minimal.

6. Because of the short freezing time and good finalizing effect, convenient delivery can speed up the turnover of lasting and reduce the production cost.

Technical parameters:

Power: 5.4 KW

Voltage: 380 v

Frequency: 50Hz three-phase five-wire system

Temperature: room temperature ~ ~ 20 ° or specified

Net weight: 950 kg

Packing weight: 1050kg

Machine size (W*D*H) : 3900 * 1000 * 1510mm

Packing size (W*D*H) : 4050 * 1150 * 1710mm

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