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Automatic plastic folding machine Yutai |YT-701A

Release time:2019-01-07 From:YU TAI SHOES MACHINE


Automatic plastic folding machine Yutai |YT-701A

Product introduction

This machine is suitable for leather shoes, purses, wallets, golf bags and bag bottom edges, especially suitable for advanced materials, high quality, is not easy to glue and easily defaced materials such as folding.

1. transmission glue automatically adjusted according to the speed of folding, folding width can be set by panel according to the quantity of cement, so that to save plastic solid and edge effect.

2. bending can be automatically slow and wrinkled, turn by foot cut, if the use of reinforcing belt can be automatically folded into the folding width can be adjusted.

3. through the clutch motor to realize the straight edge folding fast and slow reach the edge of the bend, fold lines clear, uniform width.

4. the electromechanical structure. Has the advantages of simple structure, reliable work, convenient operation, advanced equipment is the ideal leather industry.

technical parameter

Motor power: 0.4KW

Heating power: 0.7KW

Total power: 1.1KW

Supply voltage: 220V

Power supply phase: 2-Phase

Frequency: 50HZ


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