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Terrible Jewish Culture: read more, wasting time in the classics

Release time:2019-01-02 From:YU TAI SHOES MACHINE

In the world's richest entrepreneurs, Jews accounted for nearly half, Goldman, Solomon brothers and other well-known financial companies are the Jews created. The Wall Street elite 50% jews.
A number of American elite and rich are known to every family from the Jewish family.
The technology giant Oracle Corp founder Larry - Allison (Larry Ellison) is the world's richest jewish. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) Facebook chief operating officer Sherrie - Sandberg (Sheryl Sandberg) Google founder Sergei Blin (Sergey Brin) and Larry page (Larry Page)
The number of Jews not genius, like Bergson, Kafka, Henie, Rafael, Steven Spielberg, Mendelsohn, Menuhin, Chagall etc., be too numerous to enumerate. The world Jewish number about sixteen million people. Although there are so many people, but also the only South American Bayrou, Congo in Africa and Asia in Sri Lanka, these small countries.
If the world population of 64 millions to calculate it, they only accounted for 0.25%. Since the establishment of the Nobel prize in 1892, this award can be said to be dominated by the Jews, because the 25% winners are Jews, the proportion is 100 times that of other nationalities.
Where is their secret to success? After all is because the Jews special education system, a successful mode of education that he began to implement the "Sambo: Jewish children"!

1. read the classics
The Jews had to cultivate children reading and reciting classic good habits, and has become a generation constant education law, they think they will give them on behalf of the national highest wisdom classic in very young children, is the solid foundation for the development of their life. Many Jewish children began to recite classics from the age of two or three.
"The world's wealth in the pockets of the Jews, the wealth of the Jews in my head." My head is wisdom. The Jews after the catastrophe, how many times their wealth come to nothing, and they can stage a comeback again and again, to become the world's richest people, the Jews and the four "Bible" is closely related. The Jews believe that only three things can't be robbed by others, one is to eat food in the stomach, two is hidden in the heart of the dream, the three is read in mind the book.
The Jews read several books: the first is "Delaware", this is the second "Tanach" (the Old Testament), the third book called "Talmud", the fourth is called "Kabbala".
"Terra" is the foundation of the world, for the Jewish law and discipline.
"Tanach" is a Jewish Life Bible, let the Jews learn to live.
"Kabbala" is a kind of mysterious training course related viewpoints and Rabbinic Judaism, used to explain the relationship between the eternal and mysterious Creator with short and limited universe.
"Tamude is the core, is the wisdom of gene pool Jewish 5000 years civilization, let the Jews learn to think, is a Jewish read books.
The world's richest man Bill Gates is Jewish, at the age of seven be able to memorize more than 30 thousand words of the "Bible" of Matthew, the equivalent to the sum of the six words "Lao Tzu" words, and deeply inspired later in life.

2. the development of creativity
The Jews believe that creativity is most important in life, this kind of creativity since childhood should be careful care, parents should continue to appreciate and encourage children.

Good habits of 3. culture
The Jews believe that good habits must start from the cultivation of young.
Read the classics is listed as the content of education bears the brunt, because they know the classic is crystallization of the wisdom and experience, any education only deeply rooted in the national excellent culture in order to show signs of life and vitality. In fact, this is why the Jews scattered all over the world for hundreds of years without being assimilated by other ethnic groups is an important factor, only to let the children grow up rooted in the wisdom of culture, namely the classic education, in order to get the living water supply to the child's life energy and wisdom from the source.
When the Jewish children at the age of three, they will be brought to a similar school where they teach hebrew. When they read, began to take a Hebrew books to teach them how to write. Then let them begin to recite.
Jews believe that this time if there is no established memory based, then there is no way to learn other knowledge. At the age of five, they began to recite the Bible, Mose law. By the age of seven, they must recite the five books of Mose "Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, numbers, Deuteronomy, they combined with the melody, read hundreds of times. At the age of seven is to learn the rest of the Old Testament and the Talmud. The Jews before the full thirteen year old adult ceremony, it has all the basic knowledge will recite.
Morning visit to the Jewish prayer book about 150 pages, every morning to read aloud, in this process, everyone can recite.Unbelievable is that once the large capacity memory systems in the brain, then it is easy to absorb every kind of knowledge, the mind type high performance computer.
As mentioned above, this is the Jews back all the important knowledge.

If the Jews borrowed a very valuable book, two or three days after he was politely back: "thank you very much, I have all the back up. "He is not a copy, but took only two or three days to put this book completely memorized it!

So good, so the originality of the idea is where produced? The sources of information are more abundant, more can produce outstanding inventions and creative thinking. Outstanding inventions or discoveries created only from the excellent knowledge stored in the mind of the. Memory capacity is more big, the more easy to produce new invention and discovery. The Jews have a lot of genius, because the Jews is the memory of the nation.

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