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Thanksgiving, every person encountered in life!

Release time:2018-12-10 From:YU TAI SHOES MACHINE

"No matter who you meet,

He is the person in your life,

No accident, he will teach you what.

So, I also believe that no matter where I go,

It is the place for me,

The thing I have experienced,

I met the person."

- Shakya Muni

Thank you, along the way!

The life of the people, will meet a lot of people,

Some people through our life,

Enrich our life,

Some people pass us by,

A life a passer,

They witness our success or failure,

Our life, they exist.

Let us grateful the life of each person,

Thanks to them, and we walk together.

Thank you - mother and father -

There is a person in the world,

When I was with you,

He always told thousands of times,

It was cold, to wear more clothes,

Don't stay up late, pay attention to the body,

You feel very tired, but also feel very happy.

He always said the money is not easy,

Always when you are short of money,

The edge puts money to you.

He can accompany your life,

The final is still away from you.

This kind of person, called parents.

Thanksgiving parents,

Just like the grass of the earth. Thank you,

We embrace all the good and bad.

They are using deep and heavy love,

Wind for us, hold a day,

Give us a full of love and warmth of their homes.

Thank brothers and sisters - -

There is a person in the world,

You have the most intimate relationship between the closest,

When I was with you,

Occasionally he would fight with you,

Sometimes you never.

He occasionally will quarrel with you,

Even always grab your snack,

Parents always to snitch,

But more than who love you.

This kind of person, called brothers and sisters.

Thank brothers and sisters,

No one can love you for,

Although thousands of miles apart,

But the family blood is thicker than water,

Forever buried in the depths of the heart.

Thank you - - love

There is a person in the world,

Love and care he no regrets,

Let you know what love is,

Let you rush the pace of a short stop,

When you look around, only to find,

The world is so bright and warm,

The man, he has been in the side.

This person is called love.

Thank you for a lifetime and the hand of the person,

Because of his shadow,

Every day you no longer lonely and helpless,

Bear with the pain, to share the happiness of,

Life is so solid and plump.

Thanksgiving your allowance,

Thank you for understanding,

I only hope,

The future of the road anyway,

We are smiling hand.

Thanks friends of friends

There is a person in the world,

You know some unknown little secret,

You know the unknown little hobby.

Remember those days together,

All the cry on each other's shoulder,

Laugh together. ,

Each other is the most reliable shoulder.

Your days together,

Go longer than lovers,

This kind of person, called the friend.

Thank you friends,

Have you accompany this life, not to be alone,

Have you had your understanding of tolerance,

Just let my personality be cast,

Self released,

Thank you to accompany me through another,

Day in day out。

Stranger - - thanks

There is a person in the world,

In a hurry, but hard to forget,

Is the bus seat "he";

Is your first step away the heavy door "";

Are you alone to trouble in the affair,

To help you and then he turned away ""...

Thank you once in a hurry with the passing of the people,

Because "he" through your life,

As a part of your wonderful memories.

This is a wandering life journey,

Who is a beautiful accident.

Thanks to the stranger,

Let me meet you.

Thanks for the support of our people - -

There is a person in the world,

In the process of struggle in the long haul,

We support,

We must continue to give,

Let us not give up halfway,

Straight victory.

Thanks for the support of our people,

Let us have the courage to continue.

Thanks to our people - - inclusive

There is a person in the world,

When we make mistakes,

They contain and persuasion;

In our entanglements,

They use a little encouragement,

To address our concerns.

Thanks to those willing to accommodate us,

Let us have a relaxed attitude,

In the face of more difficult.

- thanks to the people who hurt us -

There is a person in the world,

Leave a long scar in our life,

People always have time extremely stubborn,

Until we were hurt to see light suddenly to heartache,

No need to blindly pay,

Also has is not happiness,

Thank those who hurt you,

Let us understand

What is your worth to cherish.

Thank you for giving us a happy person - -

There is a person in the world,

Always bring laughter to us,

Those who can bring us a happy person,

Whether it is the pursuit of passion together,

Or the common feelings of romantic aestheticism,

Always feel happy transfer.

Thanks to those who bring happiness,

Let us feel not the same joy.


Leslie Cheung - Hot

- thanks for their hard work -

There is a person in the world,

Always grow up under the protection of their parents,

Position yourself in sibling relationship,

Find true love in lover's care,

To go at a friend's care,

The stranger outstretched hands get warm.

Do you know these people through your life,

Enrich your life,

You thank them for you all,

But always say,

This kind of person is yourself.

Thank you,

The way the storm of life,

Even in tears, while efforts to,

Never forget,

Keep smiling.

- the last time - thanks

Thanks for the time

Life is short, the impermanence of life,

Take each day as the last day,

Do you want to go to do, to love to love.

Thanks for the time

Although the appearance of aging,

But the mentality is getting better and better;

Thanks for the time

Although let the tears to my eyes,

But fewer.

Thanks for the time

Let me meet everyone around,

Bring me warmth and moved,

Taught me to grow and progress.

No matter now or in the future,

We all don't forget,

We met people in your life,

A warm, an understanding, a thanksgiving.

They are meant to be in our life to meet people,

Is more or less,

Some people teach us what.

Fortunately, in the cold winter,

There is such a Thanksgiving holiday,

Let us thank you can speak from the bottom of my heart.


Everyone in my life,

Sincerely say to you:


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