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Services and support

Release time:2018-09-14 From:YU TAI SHOES MACHINE

About the payment

After the contract is signed and confirmed, the customer shall pay 30% deposit in advance and pay the full amount before delivery.

The delivery time

Under normal circumstances, the production cycle of the product is 7~15 days, which depends on the quantity and model you ordered. This reminds you that the time spent in transportation is an uncertain factor and you should leave enough time.

About the packing

The product you ordered is of heavy quality, the surface wear may be caused by the collision during transportation. The normal packaging of our factory is plastic stretch film or cardboard. If you have higher requirements, you can also use the packing method of export wooden cases. In this way, the packing cost per cubic meter is 180 yuan, and the freight will increase accordingly.

About the transportation

1.We can handle the transportation on our behalf. The short-distance transportation from our company to the freight station shall be borne by us, and the long-distance transportation fee shall be borne by you. There is no unified freight standard in the transportation industry. Their charges are generally based on distance and goods, sometimes by weight, sometimes by volume. Most of them are estimated by piece. As our customer, we will do some comparison shopping, and choose the most economical freight station for you. After delivery, we will inform you of the pick-up phone in time by text message. In addition, you can also specify freight station agent transport.

2. When the goods arrive, the buyer is generally required to pick up the goods at the local freight station. The local freight station will charge a certain delivery fee if the goods need to be delivered to your door.

3. Some local logistics companies cannot reach us, so please discuss the transportation route with us before placing an order with the buyer. Only the transportation route we accept can complete the transaction.

4. according to the distance, the time is not exactly the same, generally three to 10 days for the arrival of goods, occasionally due to weather, road conditions and other factors caused the delay of goods buyers please understand!

About to sign for

All our products are delivered after careful inspection. It is better to inspect the goods face to face when you ask the buyer to pick up the goods. In order to protect your rights and interests, please check carefully before signing for goods. If the quantity is wrong or the product model is wrong, please contact us in time. If there is any damage in transit, please claim directly with the shipping company. (please be sure to unpack the box for inspection. If you don't carefully check and sign for the goods damaged in the transportation process, the shipping company will refuse to compensate, which will bring you unnecessary loss.)

About the installation

It is very simple to install and debug some machines. Customers with circuit/pneumatic foundation can install and debug directly according to the requirements in the product manual. Some machines require our company's professional technicians to install. We will arrange professional technicians to go to the customer's factory for installation and debugging. The cost of accommodation incurred by the technicians during the installation shall be borne by the buyer.

About after-sales

Service term: one year warranty, regular maintenance, lifelong maintenance. If the machine breaks down, the customer can call our national unified customer service number at any time: 4,000-824-288, our company provides round-the-clock service. Our company will send technical service personnel to the customer location to deal with the machine failure which cannot be solved through telephone communication. Within the warranty period, the maintenance costs (including replacement parts costs, labor costs and technical service personnel travel costs) shall be borne by our company; If the warranty period is exceeded, the maintenance cost (including replacement cost of spare parts, labor cost and travel of technical service personnel) shall be borne by the customer.

About the color difference

The product pictures are all real pictures, but due to the influence of photography technology, lighting, display parameters and other factors, the color you receive will be different from the photo, please take the real picture as the standard.

About the size

Due to different testing methods, the standard size of the product will have certain error, please take the real object as the standard.

Product standards

Implement industry standard.

About the price

The product price of yitai shoes machine is valid for 30 days, the price after 30 days changes with the price of market materials, please kindly understand.

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